110 years

110 years

110 years of Bayerischer Hof Waldsassen.

Wolfgang and Sabine Sperber celebrated the 110th anniversary of their hotel inn “Bayerischer Hof” with their family. Also present was Helmut Radimerski from the Schlossbrauerei Friedenfels, which has also been associated with the company for over 110 years. Homeland curator Robert Treml
stated that the inn was built by Wilhelmine Schäfer in 1905 and sold to the Friedenfels Castle Brewery in 1909. In 1911, the innkeeper family Ferdinand and Katharina Sperber acquired the Bayerischer Hof.

Today, the traditional house has been owned by the Sperber family for three generations and is still supplied by the Friedenfelser Schlossbrauerei.
Wolfgang Sperber thanked him warmly for this cooperation during the celebration. A very special thank you went to his wife Sabine Sperber, who supports the hotel and restaurant manager every day with full commitment.
Son Matthias, who now has a significant influence on the menu as deputy chef de cuisine, and daughter Stefanie, who helps out in service in her free time, also received a lot of praise. Helmut Radimerski presented a certificate and a drink voucher and brought the brewery’s congratulations. He hoped that the business and friendly relationship would continue in the future.

Since over 100 years Bayerischer Hof Waldsassen

In the well-known and renowned Gasthof Bayer. Hof – owned by the Sperber family for three generations – is celebrated with a festive evening on July 27, 2005 to mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment. A brief chronicle illustrates the proud development.

The idea of ​​building the stately inn probably came about around 1904 from the innkeeper’s widow at the time, Wilhelmine Schäfer, née Fässler. Together with her husband, the restorer Johann Ferdinand Schäfer (1848 – 1901), she came to Waldsassen in the spring of 1888, where her husband bought the Gasthof zum Lamm and turned it into a flourishing business over the next 12 years, supported to the best of his ability by his family Wife. In January 1901, Schäfer – who was already seriously ill at the time – sold his inn to the factory owner Ernst Ploß. The then 53-year-old widow Wilhelmine Schäfer was now looking for a new, attractive field of activity. In 1901 she briefly leased the restaurant in Bad Kondrau; In 1902 she bought the Gasthof zum Löwen in Mitterteich, but sold the property in June 1903. The reasons for this are no longer known today.

In any case, in July 1905, Wilhelmine Schäfer acquired a large building site opposite the Waldsassen train station in order to build “a large inn in a modern style that met all the requirements of modern times”. Execution began in the fall of 1905; none other than the well-known architect Hauberrisser from Regensburg had provided the plans for this. The young master builder from Waldsassen, Franz Kassecker, was responsible for the creation of the building.

In the winter of 1905/06, the interior was decorated so that the new inn “Bayer. Hof” with “nicely furnished, large premises and modern guest rooms with steam heating” could already be put into operation at the beginning of July 1906. The engineering company Paul Beer from Regensburg had installed the central heating system, while local business people and craftsmen were responsible for the rest of the facilities.

In February 1909, Wilhemine Schäfer passed on the stately property to the Friedenfels Castle Brewery, which then sold it in April 1911 to the innkeeper family Ferdinand and Katharina Sperber, who were working in Tirschenreuth at the time. They managed the inn until 1956. Then their son Ferdinand junior took it over. and ran the house with his wife Therese until the end of 1984. Since January 1st, 1985, their son, the trained master chef Wolfgang Sperber, has been the owner of the popular and traditional company. During his time, he has consistently continued the modernization and turned the property with its 27 guest beds and its dignified guest rooms into a gastronomic gem.

(Text Robert Treml)